Is therapy right for me?
Each of us has our own reason for seeking help.  As one client put it, “I come here because I can talk about what is really going on for me, without making any of my friends or family sad or feel like they have to fix me.”

What should I expect from therapy?
At first, I will ask you a lot of questions to learn more about you.  I will ask you to help me to understand why you are here.  Sometimes people just don’t feel quite right and they aren’t sure why.  If it is difficult for you to know what you are feeling emotionally, that’s okay.  We can discover your feelings together.  If you know exactly what you wish to work on, that’s great!  Let’s get right to it!  I work with a treatment plan that is customized to you and your concern, which means we agree upon our course of therapeutic action, usually during the second session.  The treatment plan will recommend a suggested number of sessions. We will regularly revisit initial goals of therapy and make any adjustments that may be needed.  Once we start, you can anticipate meeting me once a week or so for regularly scheduled appointments.  We will spend time talking.  Because I am solution-focused and deal with issues concerning the body, mind, heart, and soul, I will likely provide you with resources and may assign homework for you to do between sessions, depending on your presenting problem and customized treatment plan.

Do you offer sessions by Skype or phone?
I prefer in person sessions, but my office is not wheelchair accessible.  I can make arrangements to use a wheelchair accessible space as needed, with enough advanced notice for scheduling purposes.  However, for people that are living in remote areas or have limited mobility or energy levels, both Skype and phone appointments are available.

 Do I need a partner to get sex therapy?
No, you do not need a partner for sex therapy.  Sometimes our sexual concerns prevent us from experiencing intimacy with others, and that is a great time to seek out sex therapy.  Sex therapy can be beneficial for a variety of concerns including sexual functioning, reproductive concerns, recovering from sexual assault, difficulty with sexual urges or desires, compulsive pornography use or other troublesome behaviors, as well as relationship issues such as experiencing more intimacy, reviving the spark for those in long term relationships, or handling changes to a partner’s sexuality due to age, illness, or shifting desires.   I believe sexuality is a normal part of human existence throughout the lifespan and that each of us is responsible for our own sexuality, including those in romantic relationships.

My partner and I are interested in sex therapy, but don’t know what it really means.
Sex therapy is a form of talk therapy.  Like other forms of therapy, the presenting concern is defined, treatment goals are established, a treatment plan is designed, and the work begins.  Sex therapy often includes custom prescribed exercises to be done in privacy at home.

Do you accept insurance?
I am an out-of-network provider for most insurance companies.  I can provide you with a document to submit to your insurance company for partial reimbursement of my hourly fee.  However, please note, this requires a diagnosis that is then on file with your insurance company.  For this reason, some people are more comfortable handling the cost of therapy privately.  Additionally, insurance companies do not reimburse for all concerns and typically do not reimburse for issues related to love, sex, or intimacy.

How much does it cost?
My fee is $100 for a 50 minute session.  I offer limited sliding scale appointments and occasional pro bono work.  Please do not let finances be a reason not to seek therapy.  If I am unable to accommodate you, I will refer you to community based mental health providers that may better serve your needs.  Please also see our RESOURCES section.  I require 48 hours notice for non-emergency cancellations to avoid being charged for the appointment.

How do I schedule an appointment?
The best way to schedule is by phone.  You may also submit an email by clicking here.

Is therapy confidential?
Therapy is by nature a confidential process.  However, there are a couple important exceptions to the rule.  As a social worker, I am a mandated reporter, which means I have a duty and obligation to contact the authorities in the event you seek to harm yourself or someone else.

Where is your office and what hours do you work?
I am located in historic downtown Poulsbo in the Satori Well Being Center, 18978 Front Street NE, Suite 200.  I am available Monday through Friday and some Saturdays.  Please CONTACT me to discuss scheduling.